Our full ICP will give you an in-depth understandingof your ideal client`s profile:

1. Persona deep-dive:

Tools & Resources:- What tools are essential for their job?
Goals & Motivations:- Desired outcomes (Jobs-To-Be-Done).- Driving factors behind these outcomes.
Awareness & Knowledge:- Current understanding of the problem and potential solutions.- Key products, services, or experiences they value.
Barriers & Triggers:- Challenges preventing change.- Factors leading them to seek solutions.
Personal Background:- Highest educational level attained.- Reporting hierarchy: Who do they answer to?- Metrics or standards for job performance.

2. Locating your ideal customer:

Platforms & Networks:- Where can you find them online (links)?- Social media platforms they frequent.
Communication Preferences:- Preferred methods of information consumption.- Effective channels to reach them.
Collaboration & Interactions:- Preferred vendors or businesses they collaborate with.

Look what else your full ICP contains: