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Quick and accurate insights: 

No more research rabbit holes. Get market, audience, channels and more in minutes with an AI marketing strategy generator.

Budget-friendly strategy:

No agency fees or expensive tools. Supercharge your marketing game quickly and without breaking the bank.

Data-driven marketing:

Make confident marketing choices backed by real-time data and AI analysis.

All you need to attract
clients consistently


Have a clear picture of who your Customer is and how to best communicate with them

Segment Persona


Emphasize the reasons why your product is the top choice for customers

Value Proposition Key Benefits Pricing Experiments: (Strategy)


Choose effective methods to promote your solution and get an implementation step-by-step guide

 Promotion Channels 7 Ready-to-use Customers Acquisition Ideas  Action Plan for each idea

Winning Edge Toolkit:

Gain insights into your market to make smarter business decisions

 SWOT Analysis Market Analysis

Analytics & Benchmarking

Track and compare your performance to industry standards to stay competitive

 Metrics & KPI Industry Benchmark Cheat Sheet: Marketing Trends

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Examples of marketing strategies

Power up your marketing without breaking the bank!

Founder-friendly AI marketing strategy generator

How it works?


Answer basic questions about your business:

Provide AI marketing strategy generator with simple details such as your website, marketing goals, team, etc. It will take you less than 3 minutes.


Get 3 chapters of marketing strategy for free:

The AI marketing strategy generator creates the first 3 chapters of your comprehensive marketing strategy, pro bono. You can evaluate the result before moving further.


Receive a full marketing strategy:

After the payment is made, your marketing strategy is prepared in full with all 10 sections and sent to your email.

Just a heads up, AI marketing strategy generator works for any business and any geography.

From Ai-powered marketing to REAL results: Case Studies

Read how our customers achieved incredible outcomes using our tools.

  • Cynthia Barnes

    Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur


LinkedIn Visibility with Marketing Strategy

Discover how Cynthia Barnes leveraged AI-driven marketing strategy to double her LinkedIn visibility and secured a TEDx speaking opportunity.

  • Niklas W. Vorbeck

    Revenue Growth & Express Setup at All Around Express


Conversion to Paid Clients with the Right Targeting

Read about how All Around Express doubled their effectiveness in cold outreach and streamlined conversion to paid customers with AI insights.

  • Frederick Douglas Lumpkin

    Founder at Work for Tomorrow


Increase in Customer Meetings

Discover how the adoption of the M1-project AI tools fundamentally changed WorkForTomorrow's approach to marketing their platform.


 Achieve Your Marketing Goals

  • Generate Quality Leads

  • Increase Sales and Revenue

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Launch New Product successfully

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What real people say:


Got Questions?

  • How reliable is an AI marketing strategy generator?

    AI-generated marketing strategy is based on vast data analysis and trending patterns. Our AI analyzes data from multiple data points.

    Moreover, we have created algorithms and the report structure together with 50+ professional marketers. Imagine, this many professionals working on your marketing strategy.

    Besides, we keep conducting accuracy tests with professional marketers and fine-tuning our AI tools. You can easily use these strategies as a starting point and customize them if necessary.

  • How is this better than ChatGPT?

    We have an article with a detailed comparison. In a nutshell, the M1 AI marketing strategy generator is trained to create professional marketing strategies. ChatGPT isn't the best for that. Plus, we made our algorithm with help from 50+ marketers. So, if you use ChatGPT for your marketing strategy, it might take you weeks and you won’t be able to produce an accurate result. Please see the comparison table:

  • What are the differences between AI-generated and traditional marketing strategies?

    Understanding the role of professional marketers and the use of customer data is important to us. Yet, the table below shows that AI marketing strategies can be as precise, if not more. They are driven by data, free from personal bias. See the comparison table below:

  • Can I benefit from the AI-generated marketing strategy if I know little about marketing? 

    Absolutely! Our AI-generated marketing strategy is especially useful for those unfamiliar with marketing. It provides a tailored plan, guiding you step by step to reach your audience effectively, choose the right channels, and maximize your impact without any prior marketing knowledge.

  • In which format will I receive the marketing strategy?

    You'll get your marketing strategy as a PDF and DOCX so you can easily use it in your work.

  • Is my data secure when using the M1-project?

    Absolutely. Your business information and generated strategies are stored securely and are not shared with any third parties.

  • For which countries does M1 offer marketing strategies?

    The best part is that we create marketing strategies for any type of product or service, in any location.

Try an AI marketing strategy generator and nail your marketing goals!